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Tank warfare really got started in World War I, completely revolutionizing the battlefield from the moment that these armored vehicles first started rumbling towards enemy encampments – but it wasn’t until World War II that tank warfare really became perfected.

World War II saw incredible advancements in the modern tank, revolutionary new tank warfare strategies and tactics, and the adaptation of infantry soldiers to find new ways to take tanks out of the battlefield and neutralize this incredible weapon of war just as quickly as humanly possible.

German tanks, in particular, were feared more than almost any other – and a lot of that had to do with the Tiger and Panzer tank divisions that they had developed. These tanks weren’t just well armed but were also heavily armored and lightning fast, a combination that allowed the blitzkrieg to happen in the first place!

And while a lot fewer World War II tanks exist today then did in the aftermath of World War II, it’s still possible to set your eyes on some of these incredible artifacts, weapons platforms, and historical pieces of technology.

Tank enthusiasts frequently get together all over the world to celebrate everything that this weapons platform brought to the table – and continues to bring to the table in modern armies as well – but Instagram has become the place to go to learn more about World War II tanks, especially thanks to its visual nature.


Here are some of the best World War II tank pictures you’re going to want to check out on Instagram ASAP!

US M18 Hellcat replica during modern day reenactment

One of the smaller tanks produced by the United States, designed specifically to add support to dismounted infantry units that were pushing across Europe, this particular tank – the M 18 Hellcat – was a favorite of infantry members because they knew that it could provide them with rapid support against larger forces that may be entrenched or encamped, particularly in city centers.

This picture shows a replica M 18 hellcat during a modern World War II reenactment, but is as authentic as can be and gives you a chance to see this World War II tank in stunning high definition.


A black-and-white Sturmtiger photo featuring this tank in action

The sturmtiger or sturmmörsewagen the assault tank was one of the most extreme weapons. The Germans needed a bigger bang, they needed something to level buildings or infantry divisions as well as fortifications. Preceded by the panzer III – sturm infantriegeschutze. To support the level of armor and weight of the gun and ammunition, a sturdier chassis than the Panzer IV was chosen, even sturdier than the Panther, that of the Tiger. Plans were ready in mid-1943 on Krupp’s side (hull), passed to Henchel for the chassis assembly, and then Alkett for the fitting of the casemate, gun and equipment. The most compelling feature of the Sturmtiger was its 380 mm Raketen-Werfer 61 L/5.4 breech-loading rocket launcher. Each of the projectiles were 1.5 m (4 ft 11 in) long and weighed 376 kg (829 lb) – battleship size. Therefore, manual handling was impossible and a special loading apparatus had to be created, which alone created a lot of work for the gunner and loader. Rounds were so big only 14 could fit in the tank Only 19 vehicles were produced between October 1943 – January 1945. This behemoth was deployed in small numbers in three units created for it, the Panzer Sturmmörser Kompanien #worldwars #war #wwii #tanks #wwiitanks #worldwar #germany #history

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One of the most extreme weapons ever produced by the German army, this particular tank was designed to be lightning fast while packing a ridiculously powerful payload – shooting artillery shells that were capable of leveling entire buildings in a single shot as well as being configured with chain balls that could crush infantry divisions just as easily.

This series of photos shows this tank in action, giving people on Instagram an opportunity to see history in high definition call in a way that they never would have been able to before.


Panzer V and infantry support in action


As we highlighted above, the Germans were incredible engineers when it came time to put together devastating war machines – and the Panzer line of tanks that they produce are some of the most dangerous, some of the deadliest, and some of the most capable mechanized pieces of warfare ever to be put on a modern battlefield.

The Panzer V series was particularly efficient and incredibly deadly, capable of knocking out almost all of the tanks that the Allies had at that particular point in time from a distance that was well out of range of Allied weaponry. This gave the Germans a distinct advantage when tank units would fight against tank units, but gave it an even more distinct advantage when German tank units were charged with covering infantry maneuvers or taking of towns and fortified positions.

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