The Best Tank Museums in Europe

The tank completely and totally revolutionized the face of war almost overnight, transforming armies, their strategies, their tactics, the world of supplies and logistics, and so much more forever.

And while most everyone on the planet would be able to tell you that a tank was a tank the moment that they saw it – and most could draw a pretty decent version of one, if pressed – the truth of the matter is most of us have no real idea of what tanks REALLY are, what they were, and how we got from the first tanks in the world to the modern marvels that almost all armies posses today.

Some of the better tank museums around the world do a great job of teach us more about tanks, but none do a better job than the best tank museums in Europe. Europe was, after all, where tank warfare was really born in the first place!

The Tank Museum – UK

The Tank Museum in England may just be the best museum of its kind anywhere on the planet, let alone in Europe.

Filled to the brim with tanks from almost all eras of warfare, this museum really spends a lot of time focusing on both of the World Wars, the tanks that were used on all sides of this conflict, and the innovations between the wars that made mechanized warfare such a game changer.


German Tank Museum – Germany

Germany was really one of the first major professional armies to make the most of new mechanized warfare solutions like the tank, and in World War II they did a fantastic job of deploying the new tanks that they created in conflicts throughout all theaters of war. There’s a reason why the Panzer divisions were so feared, and this museum really tells that inside story better than anywhere else!


Musée des Blindés – France

The French helped to pioneer major innovations in the world of tank warfare, but they also have the (sometimes unpleasant) distinction of having almost their entre nation fought over with tanks during both of the World Wars.

The history collected from all sides of those conflicts here bring the wars to life in a way that just isn’t possible anywhere else, making this museum one of the “must see” attractions for those looking to learn more about tanks.

At the end of the day, there are other tank museums throughout Europe that are worth looking into for sure, but these above represent the very best of the best!


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