Tanks That Were Used In World War II

Although World War I can be considered the point in which the tank was first introduced, it wasn’t until the Second World War that this massive death machine came into its own. Both the Allied and Axis Powers utilized a range of tanks during the War. Several new tanks came to the forefront, and a number of tanks became standard for a number of years. Without question, World War II established the tank as one of the essential weapons of any meaningful army.

Furthermore, the variety of tanks that were developed and used during what remains the greatest global conflict in modern history makes for a staggering range. Numerous tanks were used in World War II. Covering all of them here would be all but impossible, but there are several that are worth noting, to be sure.

Top Tanks Used During World War II

Before and during World War II, production on tanks increased. Different armies and governments experimented with different concepts, although all tanks are ultimately designed to perform the same functions. Let’s take a look at some of the more significant tanks that were used during the Second World War:

  • M4 Sherman Tank (United States): When people imagine the types of tanks that were built and used during World War 2, this is usually one of the first examples that comes to mind. It was the second most produced tank during World War 2. The M4 Sherman was primarily used by American soliders, but other Western allies put the tank into action, as well. It was categorized as a medium tank.
  • Panzer 4 (Germany): The Panzer 4 has the distinction of being the most produced tank from the Germans during World War II. Armed with a 75mm main gun, it was initially used for infantry support. However, it wasn’t long before the Panzer 4 proved itself worthy of replacing the Panzer 3 as a main battle tank.
  • T-34 (Soviet Union): As it turns out, the T-34 was the most produced tank during World War II. Over eighty-four thousand units were manufactured by the Soviet Union. It was known for its toughness and maneuverability. The tank found use long after the Second World War ended, and you can find numerous examples throughout the world.
  • Jagdpanther (Germany): There were tanks, and then there were tank destroyers. The Jagdpanther from Germany falls firmly into the second category. Even in the present, there is something about this tank that you can’t help but be impressed by. Only four hundred and fifty of these tanks were built. Furthermore, they only saw approximately two years of combat. Even so, they came with an 88mm main gun that could fire off fifty-seven rounds.
  • Comet IA34: It is important to remember that for a long time, it was primarily England fighting against the Nazis. The Comet IA34 was one of the things that allowed England to hold their own.

Final Conclusion
The above list represents only a few of the tanks that were produced and put into action. There are many more examples worth studying.


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