Famous WW2 Photographs Found on Instagram

World War II transformed the lives of millions and millions of people that fought and served in the war, but also changed the course of history forever.

The last “Great War” that saw nations from around the world band together – or in opposition – to try and create the kind of planet that they envisioned was best, the Allies coming out on top save the world from one of history’s greatest evil and helped pave the way to prosperity and relative peace that we all are able to enjoy today.

Unfortunately, so many of our veterans are passing away each and every day. There are fewer WWII veterans left globally than ever before, and soon there won’t be any first-hand accounts to be shared with us about this incredible moment in history.

Thankfully though, Instagram does a fantastic job in regards to sharing World War II content with those that are interested in learning a bit more. You’ll be able to learn, through amazing pictures and videos, exactly what it was like to go through this conflict, what it was like to come out on the other side, and what it was like to try and rebuild the world after war had concluded.

If you’re going to be spending time on Instagram learning about World War II, the accounts below are the ones that you focus on.



Nonexclusively showcasing World War II content, though these kinds of posts are pretty frequent and regular here, you’ll find this Instagram account to take a more holistic overview of the war in general. You’ll see content from all sides in the conflict, posts that show the military at war as well as how civilians lived during WWII, and so much more from this account.



Working as an aggregator of sorts for WWII content, anyone can share their own pictures and their own videos regarding this global conflict on this Instagram platform. This has helped to make this account one of the largest in the World War II spectrum, and certainly one of the accounts worthy of your follow and interaction, on a side note it’s not the only account worth following as there are hundreds out there. And the popularity of some account doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best as some use tactics to get Instagram auto likes which is a way of increasing the popularity of their posts and pages.



So much of what we learn about World War II comes from black-and-white photography and video, but modern technology allows us to “recolor” those pieces of media and bring back their vibrancy – showing us a look at World War II in a way that wasn’t ever possible before.

There’s something about black-and-white technology that strips the humanity of the images that we look at, allowing us to suspend our disbelief that what we see is what really happened. By adding the color back in, we have no choice but to recognize the reality and severity of the images that we are looking at.

This just might be the BEST way to further research WWII if you’re just getting started.



The story of World War II cannot be told without telling the story of World War I, and that’s exactly what this Instagram account does.

You’ll find content that focuses on both of these global conflicts, how they relate to one another, and also showing how both of these wars of all over time and how war fighting changed in the 20 years or so between these two major conflicts.


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