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Tank warfare completely and totally transformed the landscape of modern battlefields forever, from the very first time that “modern” tanks rolled onto the battlefield back in World War I all the way up until today’s incredibly advanced and incredible pieces of modern war fighting technology.

It’s almost impossible to consider now, but when tanks first hit the battlefield throughout Europe in World War I there were still armies throwing horseback cavalry soldiers at these armored vehicles and hoping for the best.

Obviously, as the war went on tactics changed completely, strategies were revolutionized from top to bottom, and different approaches to tank battles were invented and later improved – but the tank was here to stay and remains a big part of modern armies even still today.

It’s tough to find video of the earliest tanks taking to the battlefield (just because camera technology in World War I wasn’t exactly the most advanced thing in the world), but reenactors have driven these vehicles on camera in more modern times and have given us a glimpse at what it would have felt like to see these loud, rumbling, and intimidating vehicles closing down on our position in some open field across Europe.

If you want to get a feel for what it must have been like to witness these kinds of vehicles in battle, check out some of these classic tank videos to give yourself a better idea of everything they brought to the table as well as the scope and scale of these vehicles back then compared to tanks of today.

The two videos i have picked are very popular and have a big amount of likes and views. But that doesn’t mean a lot as some people buy views for youtube videos to make there video more popular in the first place. None the less these videos and a lot of other videos on YouTube are simple amazing so they are well worth watching!


This video highlights all of the influential tank variations on both sides in World War II

Some more info about this video as of 26th February 18:

Time: 13 minutes and 33 seconds, Views: 2.4million, Likes: 10k, Dislikes: 2k


This video is just under 14 minutes long and really highlights all of the influential tank variations and types that were such an important part of warfare during World War II. You’ll learn about the allies tanks that were developed specifically to fight back against the Tiger II and Panzer tanks that the German army had such an incredible amount of success with.


Checkout World War I era tanks in action in this video

Some more info about this video as of 26th February 18:

Time: 3 minutes and 5 seconds, Views: 452k, Likes: 1k

If you want a look at the earliest days of tank warfare and what it must have been like to see these vehicles up close, to hear them bearing down on a position, and to get a feel for what it must have been like to go up against them – or to command one of them in battle – this video is going to be right up your alley.

This video shows both German and British World War I tanks, some of the earliest variants to hit the battlefield in human history as well as some of the most influential. You’ll get to check out replica British Mark IV tanks going up against German A7V tanks at the international Tankfest of 2013, and annual celebration of tank culture, tank history, and one of the world’s biggest meetings of those that own or build replica tanks and collectible decommissioned military vehicles.


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